Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 6

Another week, another Foram project.  Unless, of course, it's an Ostracod project, maybe peppered with a few Braciopods or Gastropods, just for good measure.  This week we all are working hard on finishing up a few publications, starting some new ones, and, as usual getting to know the collections and the museum just a little bit better. 

This week we went on a tour of Mammalogy, a favorite of quite a few of the interns here.  Part of Mammalogy is housed in the oldest part of the museum, the previous home of the library.  The floor was made of glass panes, which, since we don't have any pictures, you'll just have to imagine with the aid of this picture of glass.
Isn't it awesome?!

Some other cool parts of the tour were seeing Tasmanian Tigers (now extinct), fossas, and even a Hero shrew, which has a startlingly strong spine.  The vertebrae of the Hero shrew are intricately joined together making the spine strong enough to support the entire weight of a full-grown human.
There were also many pictures taken and much data entered.  Here are some cool Forams and Ostracods of the week!

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